Nominees ATR Board 2018-2020


Dr. Ute Sass-KlaassenWageningen University & Research, the Netherlands

I wish to stand for re-election as President and chair of the ATR board. I started this task two years ago together with a very dynamics and enthusiastic team of colleagues. During the last two years, we developed new ideas to further develop the ATR as a European platform for tree-ring researchers with special focus on supporting young people. I am keen to continue this new policy of ATR, which includes the intention to motivate more experienced researchers and research institutes to support the aims of our Association. Another ambition is to turn our annual TRACE meetings into a more dynamic event, where scientific talks and posters are going together with discussions of actual topics related to our science and associated disciplines. We already took important steps in this direction by organising interdisciplinary workshops and topic related sessions during past events.
Treasuring successful past strategies and testing new formats and ideas will keep our Association lively! I would like to invest my energy, experience and my large scientific network to follow this track.

Vice President

Prof. Neil Loader, Prifysgol Abertawe/Swansea University, UK

I wish to stand for election as Vice President of the ATR board. I have now some years as a tree-ring researcher and have enjoyed working with the board and shaping the development of the ATR during the past two years. We have achieved a lot and I am proud to say that as part of the board we have widened student and member support, streamlined administration and voting, re-introduced student prizes, provided translation for the statutes and by-laws of the Association, supported workshops and training courses and increased diversity and representation on the advisory board. We are currently in the process of developing outreach materials which members will be able to access through the new web pages and developing skills-exchange and training resources for all members. I feel strongly that as a board we have just got going and so the next two years look to be a very exciting time for the Association. Continuity in leadership is important and given the experience I have gained of the ATR board during the last two years as Extended Board Member I feel that I have the skills and knowledge required to help the Association realise its ambitious plans for the next two years.


Dr. Giovanna Battipaglia, University of Campania “L. Vanvitelli”, Italy

I wish to stand for election as Secretary of the ATR board. I joined the ATR board in 2014 and since then it has been a great pleasure to collaborate with an active team of colleagues to promote the Association through several actions: attract new members, improve the visibility of the products and activities, evaluate new forms of disseminations and in particular increase the financial support of young scientists for the participation to training events and conferences. Much has been done, but there’s still much to do!
If you will decide to trust in me, it is my intention to be an enthusiastic secretary with plenty energy and willingness to take care of the Association affairs, capable to collect inputs from the scientific and public community to solve potential problems and to catch new opportunities for the further development of the ATR. I will continuously discuss with all Members willing to keep the Association fervent and alive.


Dr. Ernst van der Maaten, TU Dresden, Germany

I wish to stand for election as Treasurer of the ATR board. Two years ago, I entered the board as early career scientist commissioner: a linking pin between the young members and the board. Together with a group of enthusiastic colleagues, we developed many ideas to develop and revive the Association, and translated these ideas into action. The upcoming board elections, for example, will -for the first time- be organized using anonymous online voting to enable greater participation in key-decision making. Further, a new and strong web presence was developed that will help in reaching and attracting new members and sponsors. As potential treasurer of ATR, I consider pro-actively recruiting new members and sponsors, as well as a keeping existing members involved in the Association as important responsibilities. By improving the finances of the Association, more financial leeway will be created to support and initiate “must attend” ATR activities in future.

Extended Board Members

Dr. Kerstin Treydte, WSL, Switzerland

I am happy to stand for election as new member of the Extended ATR Board. Having been member of the Association from its very beginning, I am excited about its development into such a great European platform for scientists from all fields of tree-ring research, and particularly for young researchers. I am highly motivated to help achieving the aims of ATR together with an enthusiastic team by contributing with my 25-year tree-ring experience, a large international network of advanced researchers and early career scientists, and, since 2007, by yearly organizing the European Dendroecological Fieldweek. This annual event is designed to “bring tree-ring research to the people”, by organizing it at varying places across Europe. Strengthen the links between ATR and the fieldweek, but potentially also between ATR and EGU, where I am convening a tree-ring oriented session since 2013, could attract new members and open up additional opportunities for interdisciplinary exchange between tree-ring people from different countries and different career stages.

Dr. Ryszard J. Kaczka, University of Silesia, Poland

I am standing for election as Extended Member of the ATR board to continue our resent activities and to start new actions focused on addressing the needs of our Members. I have had a pleasure to be a member of ATR for some time now and ATR board since 2014. I have gained the experience working as a co-secretary and later as a secretary, and now I would like to direct my energy more to work with tasks related to Members. It turned out I am representative of the very vital community of dendrochronologists from Central-East Europe in ATR board. I organised the TRACE conference in Zakopane in 2007 and European Dendroecological Fieldweek in Zawoja in 2015, and in Slovenia in 2016 to increase our integration in the broader tree-ring community. Last years were a very productive period, but I believe we can accomplish even more in the future. I would like to focus on: i) further integration of our community, ii) supporting initiative coming from less established labs, iii) new, task-orientated meetings and workshops, iv) and promoting the students’ achievements by reviving the ATR Awards for the best PhD and MSc thesis.

Dr. Raúl Sanchez-Salguero, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Spain

I wish to stand for election as a new member of Member of the Extended ATR board. I joined the ATR in 2014 and since then I am highly motivated to help achieving the aims of ATR together with international colleagues around Europe. Based on several initiatives taken within the ATR board, we organized the WSL European Dendroecological Fieldweek 2014 in Oviedo (Spain), TRACE conference 2015 in Seville (Spain). I have gained experience linking young scientists in Mediterranean Europe with tree-ring sciences trough two Spanish Dendroecological Fieldweek 2011-2012, International Tree-Ring Summer School (UofA-LTRR, Spain) 2012, and North African Tree-Ting sciences course (2013). I am very excited about the development of ATR into such a great platform for southern European and North Africa scientist in all fields of tree-ring sciences, particularly early career scientists in development countries. If I would be Extended ATR board member, I would therefore particularly emphasize on the stimulation of new initiatives from southern Europe and North Africa based on fieldweeks, meetings, short-term missions, workshops trough ATR activities linking education and tree-ring research.

Early Career Scientist Commissioner

Dr. Allan Buras, Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands

At the early stage of their career scientists are confronted with several demanding tasks such as generating high-quality scientific output, acquisition of research funds, enhancing the methodological tool-box, and involvement in scientific networks. Managing all of this simultaneously is challenging and requires efficient organization. Based on several initiatives taken within the ATR environment (three statistical workshops since 2016; IGR-network) I experienced that it is possible to synergistically combine the aforementioned tasks by participating in international scientific workshops and networks, resulting in an added value for everyone being involved. In case I were elected as Early career scientist commissioner, I would therefore particularly emphasize on the stimulation of new initiatives by highly motivated peers, thereby bringing together young scientists, fostering knowledge transfer, and thus strengthening the cooperative environment within ATR. In collaboration with the board, I seek to elaborate the function of ATR as a platform for the promotion of the tree-ring scientific offspring.