The Association for Tree-Ring Research (ATR) is an international scientific organization that aims to promote tree-ring research, education and public outreach. The ATR seeks to foster research projects, to build bridges, and to facilitate knowledge exchange between the different scientific disciplines working with tree rings and associated fields of science (e.g., forestry, archaeology, global change ecology). The Association has a strong commitment to disseminate knowledge about dendrochronology to the general public, and to strengthen the policy-science dialogue.

The Association for Tree-Ring Research organizes and supports international conferences, including ATR’s annual meeting TRACE, as well as numerous networking and educational activities, like field-weeks and workshops.

To promote young scientists and students, the ATR is offering grants to participate in meetings and events around the globe. Further, the Association is granting awards for the best Ph.D. and M.Sc. theses written in the field of tree-ring research, as well as for the best oral and poster presentations at TRACE.

ATR is supported by the following sponsors: