With customers in more than 60 countries, ECOMATIK GmbH presently represents one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plant sensors such as dendrometers, fruit growth, transpiration, and foliage temperature sensors. In deserts and rain forests, in polar regions and the tropics, ECOMATIK sensors apply modern sensor technology to enable direct, automated measurement of crucial plant physiological parameters, precisely and with high temporal resolution. Plant and environmental sensors, image & video, IoT sensor networks with remote data transmission, feeding real-time data on plant and climate parameters into online data visualizations. Our open framework enables us and our partners to integrate our own sensor products in addition to those from other manufacturers for use in comprehensive, customer-specific measurement and data systems.
In synergy with our constantly growing network of well-known partners and selected quality suppliers, the ECOMATIK team supports you with the experience of an established 30-year-old company, without having lost any of the drive of an innovative, flexible and enthusiastic start-up. It’s ECOMATIK. Let’s make your plants talk!

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Haglöf Sweden

Haglöf Sweden® manufactures a full range of precision measurement solutions used by industry professionals all over the world. The products combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, tough exteriors with smart interiors. Apart from the world’s largest selection of increment borer models for wood control, Haglöf Sweden offers different diameter caliper models, hypsometers, rangefinders and other instruments and tools for forest survey, management, testing and control work. Patented technology and long manufacturing kn0w-how are keys to why Haglöf Sweden® is one of the most respected brand names in the business. All products are developed and manufactured in limited and quality assured series by highly experienced production teams. In 2013, Haglöf Sweden celebrated 70 years in the instrument manufacturing business.


Sercon Limited

Sercon are dedicated to the design, manufacture and support of Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers and their associated sample preparation systems. The range of applications of Sercon’s instruments is incredible. From animal migration to atmospheric sciences, breath testing to bioarcheology, human physiology to hydrocarbon exploration, habitat change to honey adulteration, trophic levels to trace gases, the researchers around the world who use our instruments work in a hugely diverse range of disciplines.

Studying stable isotopes in tree rings allows the reconstruction of past climate with annual resolution and statistically defined confidence limits. A system has been developed by Sercon and Swansea University which allows the measurement of δ13C values in tree rings via laser ablation – combustion – GC – IRMS.


Regent Instruments

Regent Instruments create high performance image analysis systems and software programs for plant and forest sciences. One of our products, WinDENDRO™, is specifically designed for dendrometrists and dendrochronologists looking for a precise and efficient way to measure annual tree-ring widths and other related parameters such as wood density. WinDENDRO™ also offers the Blue Intensity method and can displays the chemical content data produced by ITRAX wood scanner along the profile area of a wood sample. Another product, WinCELL™, is dedicated to the analysis of wood-cell structure parameters over annual rings. Because of its integrated knowledge of wood cell anatomy and annual tree-ring formation, WinCELL™ produces data suited for dendrochronology studies and compatible with WinDENDRO™.
With clients in over 95 countries, our products are improved and updated regularly to comply with different needs and new trends in plant science all over the world.