Volumes with extended abstracts are available for all TRACE conferences from 2002 till 2016. Please click on a volume number to see the individual contributions in that volume, or download the PDF.

From TRACE 2018 on, conference contributions are published as special issues in Dendrochronologia. Find more information on (publishing in a) TRACE special issue(s) here.

Vol. 1, TRACE 2002, Jülich/Bonn, Germany pdf
Vol. 2, TRACE 2003, Utrecht, the Netherlands pdf
Vol. 3, TRACE 2004, Birmensdorf, Switzerland pdf
Vol. 4, TRACE 2005, Fribourg, Switzerland pdf
Vol. 5, TRACE 2006, Tervuren, Belgium pdf
Vol. 6, TRACE 2007, Riga, Latvia pdf
Vol. 7, TRACE 2008, Zakopane, Poland pdf
Vol. 8, TRACE 2009, Otočec, Slovenia pdf
Vol. 9, TRACE 2010, Freiburg, Germany pdf
Vol. 10, TRACE 2011, Orleans, France pdf
Vol. 11, TRACE 2012, Potsdam, Germany pdf
Vol. 12, TRACE 2013, Viterbo, Italy pdf
Vol. 13, TRACE 2014, Aviemore, Scotland pdf
Vol. 14, TRACE 2015, Sevilla, Spain pdf
Vol. 15, TRACE 2016, Białowieża, Poland pdf