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  • Gurskaya, M.A., Kukarskyh, V.V., Grigoriev, A.A. & Bubnov M.O. Types of ecological tree-lines on the Dalniy Taganay Mountain in the Southern Urals.
  • Schröder, J. & Körner, M. Remote-sensing data are closely related to growth information in tree-ring index chronologies.
  • Stajić, B., Kazimirović, M., Baković, Z. & Dukić, V. Pointer years in beech in the region of Žagubica, Eastern Serbia.
  • Wernicke, J., Zhu, H. & Bräuning, A. Quantifying the influence of westerly wave trains on moisture variations on the southeastern Tibetan Plateau using tree-ring stable oxygen isotopes.
  • Churakova (Sidorova), O.V., Guillet, S., Saurer, M., Corona, Ch., Siegwolf, R., Fonti, M., Myglan, V., Vaganov, E. & Stoffel, M. Exploring stable carbon isotopes in Siberian tree-rings as a potential indicator of precipitation changes after major volcanic eruptions.
  • Szymczak, S., Bräuning, A. & Joachimski, A.M.: Long-term oxygen isotope chronologies from a Mediterranean island.