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Section 1: Archaeology

  • Bridge, M.C. The impact of dendrochronological dating on the interpretation of Vernacular architecture in Wales.
  • Mills, C.M. A millennium of change: dendrochronology in Scotland’s built heritage and cultural landscapes.
  • Mills, C.M., Rydval, M., Wood, C., Averill, S. & Wilson, R. Historic timber: augmenting Scotland’s native pine chronologies.

Section 2: Climatology

  • Dhirendra Singh, N., Venugopal, N. & Yadava, P.S. Dendroclimatic evaluation of climate-growth relationships of Pinus kesiya Royle ex Gordon in subtropical forests of Manipur, northeast India.
  • Düthorn, E., Holzkämper, S. & Esper, J. High frequency coherence of temperature and solar radiation reconstructions over the past millennium in northern Fennoscandia.
  • Esper, J. Memory effects in tree-ring width and maximum latewood density in response to volcanic eruptions: evidence from northern Fennoscandia.
  • Wernicke, J., Hochreuther, P., Grießinger, J., Zhu, H., Wang, L. & Bräuning, A. Hydroclimatic variability of the Tibetan Plateau during the past millennium.
  • Janecka, K. & Kaczka, R.J. Tree rings of Pinus cembra L. in the Tatra Mts as a proxy of significant volcanic eruptions in the last 280 years.
  • Österreicher, A., Weber, G., Leuenberger, M. & Nicolussi, K. Exploring blue intensity – comparison of blue intensity and MXD data from Alpine spruce trees.
  • Konter, O., Rosner, K., Kyncl, T., Esper, J. & Büntgen, U. Spatiotemporal variations in the climatic response of Larix decidua from the Slovakian Tatra Mountains.
  • Nicolussi, K., Weber, G., Patzelt, G. & Thurner, A. A question of time: extension of the Eastern Alpine Conifer Chronology back to 10.071 b2k.

Section 3: Ecology

  • Mathaux, C., Mandin, J.-P., Edouard, J.-L., Gauquelin, T. & Guibal, F. Juniperus phoenicea growing on cliffs: dendrochronology and wiggle-matching applied to the oldest trees in France.
  • Housset, J., Girardin, M., Baconnet, M., Carcaillet, C. & Bergeron, Y. Effects of climate on the radial growth of Thuja occidentalis northern marginal populations in Québec.
  • Schwab, N., Schickhoff, U., Bürzle, B., Hellmold, J. & Stellmach, M. Dendroecological studies in the Nepal Himalaya – review and outlook in the context of a new research initiative (TREELINE).
  • Kaczka, R.J., Janecka, K., Czajka, B. & Eggertsson, O. The tree ring study of Downy birch in Northern Europe.

Section 4: Geomorphology

  • Wrońska-Wałach, D., Zielonka, A., Sobucki, M. & Oleszko, B. Longitudinal and cross-sectional wood anatomy variability of vertical fir roots (Abies alba Mill.) as a record of landslide processes – an example from the Carpathian foothills.
  • Lempa, M., Kaczka, R., Janecka, K. & Rączkowska, Z. Dendrogeomorphological study on snow avalanches in the Tatra Mountains (Southern Poland).
  • Hochreuther, P., Loibl, D., Wernicke, J., Grießinger, J., Zhu, H. & Bräuning, A. Tree-ring dating of lateral and terminal Little Ice Age moraines of four glaciers in southeast Tibet.