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Section 1: Climatology

  • Linderholm, H.W., Folland, C.K. & Hurrell, J.W. Reconstructing Summer North Atlantic Oscillation (SNAO) variability over the last five centuries.
  • Schultz, J., Neuwirth, B., Friedrichs, D.A., Löffler, J. & Winiger, M. Growth responses to NAO along a Central European west – east transect.
  • Bogino, S. & Bravo, F. SOI and NAO impacts on Pinus pinaster Ait. growth in Spanish forests.
  • Bräuning, A., von Schnakenburg, P., Volland-Voigt, F. & Peters, T. Seasonal growth dynamics and its climate forcing in a tropical mountain rain forest in southern Ecuador.
  • Frank, D., Bouriaud, O., Wilson, R., Battipaglia, G., Büntgen, U., Fonti, P., Treydte, K., Trouet, V. & Esper, J. A challenge for spatially explicit reconstructions: the climate response of trees is a function of climate.
  • Büntgen, U., Frank, D., Bareiss Valle, K., Bouriaud, O. & Esper, J. Climatic drivers of beech growth in the Vosges and Jura Mountains.
  • Esper, J., Niederer, R., Luterbacher, J., Büntgen, U. & Frank, D. Calibration trails using very long instrumental and proxy data.
  • Trouet, V. & Esper, J. Contrasting long-term drought signals in proxy records from northwestern Europe and the Mediterranean.
  • Fan, Z. & Bräuning, A. Tree-ring based drought reconstruction in the central Hengduan Mountains region (China) since A.D. 1655.

Section 2: Dendroecology

  • Martín-Benito, D., Cherubini, P., del Río, M. & Cañellas, I. Differential effect of drought on Pinus nigra Arn. radial growth in mesic and xeric sites from southeastern Spain.
  • Eckstein, J., Leuschner, H.H. & Bauerochse, A. Dendroecological studies on subfossil pine and oak from “Totes Moor” near Hannover (Lower Saxony, Germany).
  • Bijak, Sz. Various factors influencing the pointer year analysis.
  • Sass-Klaassen, U., Leuschner, H.H., Buerkert, A. & Helle, G. Tree-ring analysis of Juniperus excelsa from the northern Oman mountains.

Section 3: Isotopes

  • Grießinger, J., Bräuning, A., Thomas, A. & Schleser, G.H. Stable oxygen isotopes in juniper trees from the Tibetan plateau as a proxy for monsoonal activity.
  • von Schnakenburg, P., Bräuning, A. & Helle, G. Detecting annual growth rhythms from high-frequency densitometry and carbon isotopes in tropical mountain rain forest trees in southern Ecuador.
  • Sidorova, O., Boettger, T., Siegwolf, R., Saurer, M., Naurzbaev, M. & Vaganov, E. Reaction of siberian subarctic larch trees to abrupt climatic changes derived from tree-ring and isotope data.

Section 4: Geomorphology

  • Kaczka, R.J., Wyżga, B. & Zawiejska, J. Tree-ring study of the island formation and riparian forest along a gravel-bed river in the Polish Carpathians.
  • Malik, I. & Ciszewski, D. Meandering river bank erosion and channel lateral migration recorded in black alder (Alnus glutinosa) tree rings.

Section 5: Geomorphology

  • Přemyslovská, E., Šlezingerová, J. & Gandelová, L. Tree ring width and basic density of wood in different forest types.

Section 6: Archaeology

  • Vitas, A. & Zunde, M. Dendrochronological investigation on historical English oak (Quercus robur L.) in Lithuania and Latvia: problems and potential.
  • Rybníček, M., Kyncl, T., Gryc, V., Přemyslovská, E. & Vavrčík, H. Building of the oak standard chronology for the Czech Republic.
  • Opała, M. & Kaczka, R.J. Dating of wooden shelters in Polish High Tatras – tree rings records of the shepherding history in Carpathians.

Section 7: New applications

  • König, J., Günther, B. & Bues, C.T. Application of multivariate cross-dating to historical timbers with less than 50 tree-rings from the Albrechtsburg Castle and the Meißen Cathedral, Saxony.
  • Vavrčík, H., Gryc, V. & Rybníček, M. Fluorescence microscopy utilization for lignin detection in wooden cell walls in spruce. A technical note.
  • Beck, W. Mean growth behaviour of forest stands – Methodological aspects from dendrochronology and forest mensuration.