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  • Schweingruber, F.H. & Schleser, G. A glance back, a glance ahead.

Section 1: Archaeology

  • Billamboz, A. Dendroarchaeology from a palaeodendroecological perspective – the case of Bronze and Iron Age pile dwellings in southwest Germany.
  • Leuschner, H.H., Sass-Klaassen, U., Jansma, E., Baillie, M. & Spurk, M. Population dynamics and long-term growth depressions in European bog oaks as indicators of climate changes in the Holocene.
  • Westphal, Th. High medieval urban development between middle Elbe River and the Lower Oder based on dendrochronological data.

Section 2: Long tree-ring chronologies

  • Kaiser, K.F., Schaub, M., Kromer, B. & Friedrich, M. Dendrochronologie im Spätglazial, Schmelzwasserschübe, Dansgaard-Oeschger Zyklen und Heinrich-Ereignisse (short Abstract).
  • Nicolussi K. & Schießling, P. Eine ultra-lange Hochlagen-Chronologie für die zentralen Ostalpen: Möglichkeiten und Ergebnisse (short Abstract).

Section 3: Climate

  • Büntgen, U., Frank, D. & Esper, J. A detailed view on instrumental temperature data from northern Eurasia.
  • Neuwirth, B. & Winiger, M. Dendrochronological network analyses of central European chronologies – a conceptional approach of a new project.
  • Schaub, M., Kaiser, K.F. & Kromer, B. Fossil pines from loamy slope sediments reflect Lateglacial climatic variations.
  • Esper, J. A millennium-long temperature reconstruction for the Tien Shan Mountains, Kirghizia (short Abstract).
  • Kahle, H.-P. & Unseld, R. Analyse der raumzeitlichen Variationen des Radialzuwachses von Fichten in Südwestdeutschland (short Abstract).
  • Riemer, Th. Trendanalyse mit gemischten Modellen – Methodik, Software und Anwendung in der Dendroklimatologie (short Abstract).

Section 4: Isotopes and climate

  • Boettger, T., Hiller, A., Kremenetski, C. & Friedrich, M. Interrelations between climatic changes and northern and alpine Holocene pine limit movements – deduced from stable isotope signals of 14C-dated subfossil pines (Pinus sylvestris L.) on the Kola Peninsula, north-western Russia.
  • Saurer, M. & Siegwolf, R. Oxygen isotopes in tree rings: do they really reflect temperature?
  • Treydte, K., Schleser, G.H. & Winiger, M. δ13C, δ18O and tree ring width as climate proxies in the Karakorum / Pakistan (short Abstract).

Section 5: Isotopes and plant physiology

  • Helle, G. & Schleser, G.H. Seasonal variations of stable carbon isotopes from tree-rings of Quercus petraea.
  • Mayr, Ch., Stichler, W. & Trimborn, P. The influence of temperature and relative humidity on δ13C values of C3 plants in growth chamber experiments.

Section 6: Dendroecology

  • Bräuning, A. & Sobania, I. Dendroecological investigations on mountain bog pine (Pinus rotundata Link) in a peat bog in Southwestern Germany.
  • van Daalen, S., Sass-Klaassen, U. & Kooistra, L.I. How did ‘bog oaks’ grow? – First answers from the excavation of a mire woodland in Ypenburg, the Netherlands.
  • Schmelter, A. Fluctuations in subalpine tree-ring records from sites located along a dendroecological transect in Northern Patagonia.
  • Friedrich, M., Boeren, I., Remmele, S., Küppers, M., Eschenbach, C., Knipping, M., Stika, H.-P., Böttger, T., Vollbrecht, J., Renno, A. & Ullrich, O. A Late-Glacial forest in the lignite mine of Reichwalde – an interdisciplinary project (short Abstract).

Section 7: Forest dynamics at the timberline

  • Müterthies, A. The potential timberline: determination with dendrochronological methods.
  • Block, J. & Treter, U. Growth conditions at the upper and lower forest limits in the mountain-forest steppe of Northwest Mongolia.
  • Treter, U. & Block, J. Space-time variability of climatic influences on the growth patterns at the lower and upper timberline of the mountain forest steppe of Mongolia. Preliminary results and future dendrochronological research in Mongolia.

Section 8: Geomorphology

  • Röpke, A. Spruce trees as a mean of dating soils – reforestation after the clearings in the Valley of St. Antönien (Switzerland).
  • Gärtner, H. The applicability of roots in dendrogeomorphology.
  • Sahling, I., Schmidt, K.H. & Gärtner, H. Dendrogeomorphological Analysis of the enlargement of cracks at the Wellenkalkscarp in the southern Thuringia Basin.
  • Agafonov, L.I., Nuber, Th. & Strunk, H. Datierung der Ausbreitungsgeschwindigkeit von Thermokarst-Hohlformen in Westsibirien mit dendrogeomorphologischen Methoden (short Abstract).
  • Roer, I., Gärtner, H. & Dikau, R. Bioindikation von Blockgletschersystemen im Turtmanntal (Wallis, Schweiz) (short Abstract).