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Section 1: Archaeology

  • van der Linden, M., Jansma, E., van Daalen, S. & Lange, S. Absolute dating of the Roman Road near Bunnik, the Netherlands.
  • Weitz, A., Charruadas, P., Fraiture, P. & Hoffsummer, P. Roof frames in the Built Heritage of Brussels (Belgium): the contribution of dendrochronology and written sources.

Section 2: Climatology

  • Cedro, A. Growth-climate relationships of wild service trees on the easternmost range boundary in Poland.
  • Düthorn, E., Hartl-Meier, C., Kirchhefer, A., Hader, A., Rook, T., Rösch, D., Schwebler, S. & Esper, J. Identification of macro-scale groups among 17 site chronologies from Fennoscandia.
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  • Hulist, A., Janecka, K. & Kaczka, R.J. DendroCorr – a simple and powerful software to calculate the growth-climate response.
  • Janecka, K., Kaczka, R.J., Gärtner, H. & Treydte, K. The influence of compression wood on the strength of the climatic signal in tree rings of Norway spruce.
  • Konter, O., Traut, J., Schneider, L., Büntgen, U. & Esper, J. Evaluating climate sensitivity in tree-ring and Riesling must sugar data from the Palatinate (Germany).
  • Schneider, L., Smerdon, J.E., Pretis, F. & Esper, J. Volcanic induced cooling in instrumental and tree-ring density data.

Section 3: Ecology

  • Belay, T., Tolera, M. & Gebrekirstos, A. Differing growth response of Celtis Africana climate variability: A case study from moist Afromontane forests in South Central Ethiopia.
  • Hacket-Pain, A.J., Friend, A.D., Lageard, J.G.A. & Thomas, P.A. Tree rings and masting: considering reproductive phenomena when interpreting tree rings?
  • Hartl-Meier, C., Büntgen, U. & Esper, J. On the occurrence of cyclic larch budmoth outbreaks beyond its geographical hotspots.
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  • Shindo, L., Edouard, J.-L. & Guibal, F. Dendrochronoecology of ancient wine presses in the Southern French Alps.
  • Tsvetanov, N., Panayotov, M. & Yurukov, S. Age estimation of Norway spruce saplings: analysis of the cambial age at various stem heights.
  • Garah, K., Bentouati, A. & Sánchez-Salguero, R. Growth response of Pinus halepensis Mill plantations to climatic variables in Aurès mountains, Algeria.

Section 4: Wood anatomy

  • Meinardus, C., Quack, K., Raffelsbauer, V. & Bräuning, A. Ring width and vessel lumen area of Fagus sylvatica in years with spring and summer drought.
  • Spannl, S. & Bräuning, A. Combination of common microscopic techniques and X-ray microtomography for wood anatomical analyses.