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Section 1: Ecology

Beck, W. Investigation of the Interactions between pine and beech in two-layer mixed stands using methods of tree-ring research.

  • Block, J., Magda, V.N., Ovtchinnikov, D.V., Kirdyanov, A.V. & Treter, U. Spatial differences and temporal patterns of ring-width and density chronologies of the mountain forests of northern Central Asia.
  • Bolli, J., Rigling, A. & Bugmann, H. Regeneration dynamics of Norway spruce (Picea abies L.) on a subalpine meadow near the treeline in Sedrun, Kt. Graubünden, Switzerland.
  • Dittmar, C. Contributions to the ecology of common beech as derived from tree-ring analyses.
  • Pelfini, M., Santilli, M., Maggiolini, M., Orlandi, M. & Barsanti, M. The effects of the opening of a construction site on high-mountain tree vegetation.
  • Weber, P., Bugmann, H. & Rigling, A. Differences in drought response of Pinus sylvestris L. and Quercus pubescens Willd. in the Swiss Rhone valley.

Section 2: Geomorphology

  • Foetzki, A., Jonsson, M.J., Kalberer, M., Simon, H. & Lundström, T. Interaction between trees and natural hazards in subalpine spruce forests.
  • Krabisch, M. & Strunk, H. Dendrogeomorphological research on thermokarst depressions in Western Siberia.
  • Ciszewski, D. & and Malik, I. Examples of valley and riverbed form dating by means of tree rings (Mala Panew meandering river, southern Poland).
  • Pelfini, M., Santilli, M., & Merlini, C. Determination of the erosion rate of escarpments at the debris-flow fan toe.

Section 3: Climatology

  • Friedrichs, D. & Neuwirth, B. A spatial high resolved climate reconstruction from recent and historical tree-ring data in the Rheinische Schiefergebirge since ad 1500.
  • Heinrich, I. Dendroclimatology of Toona ciliata in Australia.
  • Schaub, M., Kaiser, K.F. & Kromer, B. Lateglacial tree-ring chronologies – A high resolution archive of the past.

Section 4: Isotopes

  • Boettger, T., Kononov, Y. & Friedrich, M. New stable isotope and dendrochronological studies of the 1000 years pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) tree-ring chronology at the upper timberline in the Khibiny Low Mountains, Kola Peninsula, North-Western Russia.
  • A.L. Carnelli, Al., Ammann, B., Esper, J., Filot, M., Leuenberger, M. & Treydte, K. Stable isotope ratios in late wood of Picea abies from Engadine.
  • Grießinger, J., Bräuning, A. & Schleser, G.H. Isotope studies along a high-elevation transect on the Tibetan Plateau.
  • Wagner, R., Boettger, T., Boeren, I. & Friedrich, M. Stable isotope ratios in tree rings of living Scots pine near Reichwalde opencast mine in Lusatia (East Germany).

Section 5: Methods

  • Barrelet, T., Krähenbühl, U. & Ulrich, A. Quantification of sulphur in Picea abies by LA -ICPMS.
  • Beliakov, A. Dendroindication of synchronous trends in productivity (middle-taiga of Arkhangelsk region, Russia).
  • Büntgen, U.,Esper, J., Frank, D.C., Treydte, K., Schmidhalter, M., Nicolussi, K. & Seifert, M. The effect of power transformation on RCS – evidence from three millennial-length alpine chronologies.
  • Duncker, P. & Spiecker, H. Compression wood formation and pith eccentricity in Picea abies L. depending on selected site-related factors: Detection of compression wood by its spectral properties in reflected light.
  • König, J., Günther, B. & Bues, C.T. New multivariate cross-correlation analysis.
  • Rickebusch, S. Tree rings as a calibration tool for dynamic forest models.