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Section 1: Climatology – Southern hemisphere

  • Hendy, E.J. Dendroclimatology underwater: Australian coral records from 1565AD.
  • Brookhouse, M.T. Crossdating of terminal and reverse-latewood eucalypt tree-rings.
  • Fowler, A. Mean sea level pressure composite mapping as an exploratory tool in dendroclimatology.
  • Verheyden, A., Helle, G., Schleser, G.H. & Beeckman, H. High-resolution carbon and oxygen isotope profiles of tropical and temperate liana species.

Section 2: Climatology – Northern hemisphere

  • Büntgen, U., Frank, D.C., Böhm, R. & Esper, J. Effect of uncertainty in instrumental data on reconstructed temperature amplitude for the European Alps.
  • Esper, J., Büntgen, U., Frank, D.C., Nievergelt, D., Treydte, K. & Verstege, A. Multiple tree-ring parameters from Atlas cedar (Morocco) and their climatic signal.
  • Frank, D., Esper, J. & Cook, E. On Variance adjustments in tree-ring chronology development.
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  • Staudinger, M. & Strunk, H. Dendroclimatic research in Western Siberia – The reconstruction of temperature and precipitation since the 16th century.
  • Weber, G. & Kaiser, K.F. Dendrochronological records of late Holocene and recent glacier fluctuations of Eagle, Herbert, and Mendenhall Glaciers, Southeast Alaska.

Section 3: Ecology

  • Bär, A., Löffler, J. & Bräuning, A. Methodological approach for dendroecological analysis of dwarf shrubs – A contribution to ecosystem reconstructions in the Norwegian Scandes.
  • Black, B.A. & Abrams, M.D. An evaluation of boundary-line release criteria for eleven North American tree species.
  • Bräuning, A. & Burchardt, I. Detection of growth dynamics in tree species of a tropical mountain rain forest in southern Ecuador.
  • Cedro, A. Influence of thermic and pluvial conditions on the radial increments of Pseudotsuga menziesii Franco from Western Pomerania, Poland.
  • Devi, N.M. Climate driven height growth change of multistem trees of Siberian larch in the Polar Ural mountains.
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  • Panayotov, M. & Yurukov, S. Dendroecological analysis of the influence of strong winds and snow accumulation on the growth of trees at the treeline in Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria.
  • Rößler, O., Löffler, J. & Bräuning, A. The use of dendroecological methods in a landscape-ecological approach on upper treeline fluctuations.
  • Schmitz, N., Verheyden, A., De Ridder, F., Beeckman, H. & Koedam, N. Hydraulic architecture of the mangrove Rhizophora mucronata under different salinity and flooding conditions.
  • Zafirov, N. Dendroecological analysis of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stands in Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria.

Section 4: Geomorphology

  • Hitz, O., Gärtner, H., Heinrich, I. & Monbaron, M. Reconstruction of Erosion Rates in Swiss Mountain Torrents.
  • Malik, I. Extreme rainfall events as a triggering mechanism for erosion analysed by means of anatomical changes in exposed roots in permanent gullies (southern Poland).
  • Matyja, M. The role of flood events in mid-mountain river-bed transformation dated by anatomical changes in exposed roots.
  • Santilli, M. & M. Pelfini, M. Debris flow activity and relevant effects on the tree radial growth – An example from the Central Italian Alps.

Section 5: Archaeology

  • Gurskaya, M. Preliminary tree-ring dating of historical wood from Ust-Voykar settlement (15th-20th Century), Northwestern Siberia.
  • Lambert, S. Durost & J. Cuaz, J. 2500 years from dendrochronology back to ancient French human biotopes. Trees studied: low altitude oaks.

Section 6: Isotopes

  • Planells, O., Andreu, L., Bosch, O., Gutiérrez, E., Filot, M., Leuenberger, M., Helle, G. & Schleser, G.H. The potential of stable isotopes to record aridity conditions in a forest with lowsensitive ring widths from the eastern Pre-Pyrenees.
  • Treydte, K., et al. (corresponding author, list suppressed). The European Isotope Network ISONET: First Results.
  • Weidner, K., Helle, G., Löffler, J., Neuwirth, B. & Schleser, G.H. The reaction of d13C, d18O and ring width on Larch Budmoth (Zeiraphera diniana Gn.) outbreaks in the European Larch (Larix decidua Mill.) – A case study in the Lötschental, Switzerland.

Section 7: New applications

  • Gärtner H. & Denier, C. Application of a 3D Laser scanning device to acquire the structure of whole root systems – A pilot study.
  • Heinrich, I., Gärtner, H. & Monbaron, M. Different forms of tension wood in alder and beech in relation to mechanical stress – Preliminary results.
  • Heinrich, I. Higher nutrient-levels in tree rings of Eucalyptus grandis following a wildfire.