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Invited talks

  • Wilson, R. Bringing the “climate” back to British tree-rings.
  • Gričar, J. Significance of intra-annual studies of radial growth in trees.

Section 1: Climatology

  • Bijak, Sz. North Atlantic Oscillation signal in tree-rings of oak in Poland.
  • Büntgen, U., Frank, D., Carrer, M., Urbinati, C. & Esper, J. Improving Alpine summer temperature reconstructions by increasing sample size.
  • Cedro, A. & Cedro, B. Climatic response of spruce trees growing at southern coast of the Baltic Sea (beyond the natural range of spruce).
  • Fan, Z. & Bräuning, A. Growth-climate relationships of high-elevation conifers in the central Hengduan Mountains, China.
  • Hoffmann, K., Büntgen, U., Kyncl, T., Brázdil, R. & Esper, J. On the potential of fir ring width data for summer drought reconstruction in southern Moravia, Czech Republic.
  • Olivar, J., Duncker, Ph. & Spiecker, H. Impact of climatic variation on growth and wood density of young short rotation poplar trees.
  • Panayotov, M., Bebi, P., Krumm, F.& Yurukov, S. Pinus peuce and Pinus heldreichii tree rings as a key to past mountain climate in Southeastern Europe.
  • Schultz, J., Neuwirth, B., Winiger, M. & Löffler, J. Negative pointer years from Central European tree-rings caused by circulation patterns.
  • Volland-Voigt, F., Bräuning, A. & Ganzhi, O. High-resolution dendrometer measurements in a tropical mountain rainforest and a dry forest in South Ecuador.

Section 2: Isotopes

  • Grießinger, J., Bräuning, A., Helle, G., Thomas, A. & Schleser, G.H. 800 years of tree-ring δ18O reflect variability of precipitation in southeastern Tibet.
  • Heinrich, I., Touchan, R., Weidner, K. & Helle, G. Carbon and oxygen stable isotope signals in Juniperus excelsa from Anatolia, Turkey.
  • Meyer, M., Günther, B., Helle, G. & D. Krabel: 102 Investigation of drought reaction in juvenile aspen wood (Populus tremula L.).
  • Simard, S., Morin, H. & C. Krause: 108 Natural and artificial defoliation impact on tree ring stable isotopes.

Section 3: Ecology

  • Bijak, Sz. & Jatczak, K. Relationships between tree-ring width and date of phenophases: A case study with silver birch (Betula pendula Roth.).
  • Godek, M., Migała, K. & Sobik, M. Air pollution and forest disaster in the Western Sudetes in the light of high elevation spruce tree ring data.
  • Johnson, S.E. & Abrams, M.D. Basal area increment trends across age classes for two long-lived tree species in the eastern U.S.
  • Krumm, F., Bebi, P., Panayotov, M. & Spiecker, H. Natural dynamics in subalpine avalanche protection forests in the Swiss Alps.
  • Scheithauer, J., Grunewald, K., Helle, G., Günther, B., König, J. & Gikov, A. Dendroecological studies on Bosnian Pine (Pirin Mtns., Bulgaria).
  • Tomusiak, R. & Magnuszewski, M. Effect of resin tapping on radial increments of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.).
  • Zielonka, T. & Holeksa, J. An abrupt growth release as an indicator of past disturbances in a spruce forest in the High Tatras.

Section 4: Geomorphology

  • Buchwal, A. Dendrogeomorphological records of trail erosion.
  • Kaczka, R.J. Dynamics of large woody debris and wood dams in mountain Kamienica Stream, Polish Carpathians.
  • Malik, I., Owczarek, P. & Migoń, P. Rock fall as a source of sediment in the forested mid-mountain zone in the Kamienne Mts (Sudetes – SW Poland).
  • Owczarek, P. Dendrogeomorphological potential of Salicaceae from SW Spitsbergen (Norway).

Section 5: Methods

  • Babst, F., Frank, D., Büntgen, U., Nievergelt, D. & Esper, J. Effect of sample preparation and scanning resolution on the Blue Reflectance of Picea abies.
  • Wagner, B. & Gärtner, H. Modeling of tree roots – Combining 3D Laser scans and 2D tree ring data.
  • Esper, J., Frank, D., Büntgen, U. & Kirdyanov, A. Influence of pith offset on tree-ring chronology trend.

Podium discussion TRACE 2008

  • Büntgen, U., Wilson, R., Wilmking, M., Niedzwiedz, T. & Bräuning, A. The ‘Divergence Problem’ in tree-ring research.